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This is Albie, connecting with you either from my home in Pasadena or on my sailboat sailing out to Catalina Island.  

One of my dreams has always been to travel to many different places, take lots of pictures and to write and share it with all of my readers (you). You all are really the best and I’m always hearing nice emails back from you and getting more and more members joining our team every week! 

Maybe you have a dream to travel the world someday too. One of the things I learned many years ago, was that if you had a dream, to see yourself as succeeding and fulfilling your dream each day and to work to bring it about. Honestly, if you can’t vision yourself achieving it, you will never be able to stick with it and make it happen. I know I had a lot of doubts at first but eventually I realized that just by succeeding in daily assignments, that this builds your belief in your vision to achieve it. Honesty I’ve had a lot of success online now and every inch of it has boosted my belief. But this wasn’t always the case.

In fact for over five years, I lived with a lot of failure in this endeavor. Maybe you can relate? 

But this can’t be the end of the story. I found that daily perseverance invited success over time! And God gave us hearts to envision great things and desire to achieve and sharing his love to the world while we travel through it is an awesome goal and the best thing is…we can achieve it! Not just me. Us!
Honestly, you have the ability to achieve it without me but in case you have doubts – I’m inviting you to come with me. 🙂 

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Sound like a plan?



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Earning While Traveling


Here’s some pictures of our city Hall in Pasadena Ca. It’s built with the same
design as St Paul’s in London England (which by the way, I’ve been to many times).
I especially remember St. Paul’s because it’s inside of Disney’s Mary Poppins (haha). 
As you can see I enjoy going to our City Hall in Pasadena because it’s really
a lovely place and because it reminds me of other beautiful places I’ve been in my life. 

I’ve been going there on and off for months now and I always find a new spot
that fascinates me to take a picture of. 

I hope someday you will have a chance to see it also and maybe even it’s sister sites throughout the world that are built with the same architectural designs.

Anyway, I wanted to share with you this week about earning while sharing what you love.
As you can see I love to travel and find a lot of happiness and excitement going to
new places – especially with my lovely wife Janette. 

Honestly it’s not easy to figure out how to earn while sharing what you love or traveling
and I had a hard time of it for many years.
The two tips I can give you are: 
Being consistent at sharing what you love with others every day is vital.

Once you stop doing it, you lose momentum and stop looking for answers.
Even if you only share with people for a few moments every day, it’s the
that counts above everything else. Jim Rohn has a quote
that goes like this: 
Failure is not a single, cataclysmic event.
You don’t fail overnight. Instead, 
failure is a few errors in judgment,
repeated every day.”
All the answers to doing it successfully are out there and Elizabeta
and I are here to help you too. We actively coach and mentor others to learn
how to earn 
consistently online. You can see more details about it here:
Let’s talk soon! 
parts of this article are taken from my summery from:

 Destroying Worry in Our Lives.

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