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So to BEGIN, I’m FRUSTRATED that I didn’t find out about this OPPORTUNITY until a week AFTER my wife and I booked our Anniversary weekend at a lovely hotel (on the beach) in Del Mar! 

So here’s what’s going on:

One of the TOP 10 Travel Companies in the RESIDUAL INCOME business (GoodLifeUSA) is LOOKING for individuals to GIVE away these new $200 VIP GIFT CARDS! 

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These cards contain NO STRINGS ATTACHED or gotchas! They simply can be used around the WORLD in multiple thousands of Hotels and vacation spots and allow HUGE DISCOUNTS as you use them. Each card holds a maximum discount of $200 ($2000 after 1st week in Nov).

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(So if you don’t know, the reason these cards can be given out right now is because of the HUGE loss that Hotels are having have due to AirBnB).


One business woman in the Chiropractic field, found these VIP cards extremely EASY to give away as GIFTS to her clients. AND every time someone used it – she found out she made up to $100 ($1000 after 1st week of Nov). 

AND I thought, why couldn’t I do the SAME! Even through I don’t own a chiropractic business, I come into contact with friends, family and clients EVERY day too! And so could YOU!

( I got SO excited about it, I started advertising! Lol!)

SO did I catch your attention yet!

What to do next? Okay…

1) Listen to this call and SEE if it something for you!


2) STAY on the line AFTER the call and it will FORWARD so you can ASK any questions you have! 

(Just to give you a heads up – I’m NOT the expert here but my supervisor is within reach to answer anything I can’t!
AND If for some crazy reason I’m super busy and can’t answer, just leave me a message and I get back with you ASAP!)

Looking Forward to Working with You!

~Albie Derbyshire



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