Trip to the Washington Coast

 Trip to the Washington Coast! 


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Out Trip Along the Washington Coast

A few weeks ago we went on a trip along the Washington Coast. We visited a beach with beautiful sand dunes.

Large Crashing Waves!

 The waves were large and crashing and the wind blowing from the east (instead of
blowing from the west as it usually does) was blowing the tops off the waves. It took me
fifteen minutes to catch the photo just right so you could see the spray from the
waves being blown off by the wind!

Also the water was absolutely FREEZING
– not at all like it is in Southern California. In S. CA, the ocean is not warm but
it’s definitely not freezing like it was here. I could barely stand to keep my feet
in the water for more than a few seconds (lol)!

Lovely Sand Dunes along the beach


 Pretty river that flows only an eighth of a mile from the beach!


All in all we had a lovely time. One of my favorite past times 

is wading along the ocean waves but on this trip I had to 

be content with just walking along the shore as the water 




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