Trip up the Waterfall

 Trip up to the Waterfall!


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Waterfall in Los Angeles Forest

We drove for about an hour out of Los Angeles county up the mountains, to a spot

my son had told us about. He said there was a nice waterfall at the top of the hiking

trail, so we wanted to see it!

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First sight of the waterfall

True enough, after hiking about 45 mins or so and we came to it.
The water came crashing down over a cliff.

Little waterfalls along the way.

 Along the way, lovely smaller waterfalls met us often.
They were beautiful and it was a very pleasant hike up
the mountain.

It had snowed recently.

Not only did we meet waterfalls as we hiked up but we also
came to areas still covered with snow! You must understand
that living in Los Angeles rarely gives us the occasion to see
snow as it doesn’t snow except in the mountains. Los Angeles is
much too warm for us to see snow – even in winter.

 On the way down the river, we nearly got wet as we had to jump over river rocks and balance on logs across the river to get across!


All in all we had a lovely time.

Even though my lower back 

hurt from a recent injury, I still had a lot of fun. 

It’s been a while since I’ve hiked

up a lovely river!


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