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Rock Art at Carlsbad Beach

Beach Day (SMILE:)

The rock art got destroyed by the waves seven times before I was able to take a picture of it finished! Three hours of re-working on it over and over again (lol). I was really worn out and really wet. The waves not only got the rock art but eventually got my shoes and clothes soaking wet. I went home like a wet rat, wet, sandy everywhere with wet socks and shoes.


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This week I wanted to share with you our trip to Carlsbad beach California. 

We went to Carlsbad for my sons wedding! We stayed at a really cool 

hotel on the beach called Ocean Palms Resort.  

We went in the jacuzi, swam in the pool, went to the beach whenever we wanted, had three bedrooms, living room and full kitchen and enjoyed hanging out with family!


Totum poles, swimming Pools, wading in the ocean, resting in beautiful rooms and relaxing in the porch jacuzi…



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A Trip to Big Sur!


Julia Pfiffer State Park


Today my wife and I woke up hearing the sounds of the waves right next to the beach at Moonstone Beach in Cambria!

The night before we had parked right next to the beach and slept in our “Jucy rental van”. Even our kids had a bed at the top of the van. It popped up to make a bed!

We skipped flat rocks across the waves at the beach a while and then headed north toward Big Sur.

We stopped again to dish up some bacon and eggs for breakfast in our portable camper kitchen. Then we drove along the beautiful San Simeon mountains.

On our right were stubby trees and lazy cows dotted here and there along the soft grassy hills. To our left were amazing vistas of the blue ocean. 

Gorgeous Coastline!

Stopping again we went to Ragged Point and then Julia Pfiffer State Park which had a cascading  waterfall that fell over a cliff to a sandy beach below! It was amazing. I even spotted a cave nearby the waterfall that’s led through to the ocean on the other side.

Beautiful ponderosa pines stood atop of a huge rock that jutted out into the ocean which helped form the rounded bay. The water was blue and green, against the whitish sand. All in all it was so beautiful, it looked like the definition of ‘paradise cove’.

Continuing down Big Sur we were amazed by all the vistas. We stopped again and my son showed me how to take a panoramic picture on my iPhone.

Amazing cliffs fell into the sea, large rocks stood  out of the water and the ocean spread out before you for endless blue miles. We went across two really cool bridges and a castle like wall that you drive through as you go around the mountain. I’ve never seen anything like it. Eventually Big Sur turned into Carmel by the Sea and then Monterey…”

Tips on visiting:

Using a Jucy Rental Van:

It was fun traveling using a Jucy Rentals minivan and we saved money not having to use hotels or restraunts. It was, however, sometimes hard to find a place to park and rest.

I’m sure there are campgrounds along the way and staying at these probably would have been a better idea. It is fun to make your own lunches and dinners wherever you want to stop. If you enjoy exploring and doing something different – you’ll get a kick out of using the Jucy Rentals van.

Staying at the hotels and eating at more of the restruants is also fun! They are quite lovely and we have eaten and stayed at many of them on different trips.

Julia Pfiffer State Park:

It really is an unbelievable sight. But there is a drawback. The actual beach is off-limits and you can only go so close. There are, however, plenty of beaches on the way up (perhaps not as perfect as the Julia Phiffer one) but still very nice!

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297 miles & 5 hour drive from Los Angeles using Google Maps

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