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Amazing YOU!



How AMAZING You are!

Have you ever wondered how truly amazing you are? No matter what failures you’ve had or how you feel about yourself, you are a stunning miracle!

I mean, think about your eyes. There’s no camera on the earth as good as your eyes! Do you realize how many times your heart has beat since you were first born and how many times it will continue to beat, like clockwork, almost endlessly without you having to do a thing except eat and sleep and take basic care of yourself. And this is just for starters.

Think about your thumbs, your hands, your feet, your ears, nose, your electrical system that allows you to feel and move, and your brain! I haven’t even begun. We could keep going on forever! All that is in YOU!

An amazing miracle of hundreds and thousands of things all working together at the same time without you even doing a thing! You may or not agree with me on this next statement but I thank God every day for allowing me to wake up every day and experience all of this. No matter how difficult life can get, you are still a miracle and shouldn’t forget it!

Now let’s tweak the subject a bit and talk about your happiness and financial success:

Realizing that your attitude is the first step in this endeavor will help you. Your acknowledgment that you are amazing will empower you to be happy and confident.

Do you still have flaws and do dumb stuff? Sure!

That’s all a part of growing and getting better. Learn from your mistakes and move on! Realizing what a miracle it is to just be alive and see this wonderful earth, should help you to be happy! Allow that happiness to inspire you to be effective in your work and create good things in your life!

Hope this has inspired you today!


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~Albie Derbyshire