WADING Up Stream!


One of my favorite things to do is to take off my shoes, roll up my pant legs and wade up a mountain stream barefoot!

 Smile :-)

 3 rsz_beautiful_stream_3_img_1534

You know there are several places in the world Ive never visited yet and that are on my list.

Still, on a scale of 1 – 10, with ten being the highest, I get a ten from just driving up to the closest hiking spot and wading up the stream!

I’m not sure what little trip gets you smiling but you should remember what it is and go for it!

And while your doing that, think about a place you could drive to an hour or two away and plan a little weekend hotel get-away! That will be exciting too and reinvigorating!

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To your success!

Easy To DO, Easy NOT To Do!


Jim Rohn changed my life with a simple little message. Basically he was saying that success in anything on a daily basis “is easy to do but easy NOT to do!”

What exactly does that mean?

Well let me explain.
Many successful habits don’t have to be time consuming or difficult but since they are not difficult to do, they also are easy to neglect. However, if you do not neglect doing them, it is the accumulation of them over time that makes them so powerful!

So next time you find yourself overwhelmed by life’s demands, just hold on to the basics. Whether or not you exercise (for example) half an hour or longer, if your day becomes too demanding, just make sure you exercise a little. The habit is more important than anything else.

Yes the amount of time you spend is important too but when you destroy your habit or are not consistent enough to FORM the habit, that’s when it will all fall apart!

So taking this habit to your business is also the same concept. Build your habit and keep it – even if it’s just five minutes. The daily habit will force your mind to contemplate how to eventually find more time!

Did you catch that?

Over time you will keep getting better and better!


Want to know 3 Habits that will change your life? 

1) Attention to Reading or daily Learning

2) Attention to prayer and focusing your mind 

3) Attention to fitness 

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Now want to find a  habit that will change your business?

Contact 40 – 100 people a day on Facebook and have 5 conversations a day. Don’t shove your business down there throats.

Just talk and see where they’re at and what they want. That’s it. This single habit will blow your business up – in a good way!

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Amazing YOU!



How AMAZING You are!

Have you ever wondered how truly amazing you are? No matter what failures you’ve had or how you feel about yourself, you are a stunning miracle!

I mean, think about your eyes. There’s no camera on the earth as good as your eyes! Do you realize how many times your heart has beat since you were first born and how many times it will continue to beat, like clockwork, almost endlessly without you having to do a thing except eat and sleep and take basic care of yourself. And this is just for starters.

Think about your thumbs, your hands, your feet, your ears, nose, your electrical system that allows you to feel and move, and your brain! I haven’t even begun. We could keep going on forever! All that is in YOU!

An amazing miracle of hundreds and thousands of things all working together at the same time without you even doing a thing! You may or not agree with me on this next statement but I thank God every day for allowing me to wake up every day and experience all of this. No matter how difficult life can get, you are still a miracle and shouldn’t forget it!

Now let’s tweak the subject a bit and talk about your happiness and financial success:

Realizing that your attitude is the first step in this endeavor will help you. Your acknowledgment that you are amazing will empower you to be happy and confident.

Do you still have flaws and do dumb stuff? Sure!

That’s all a part of growing and getting better. Learn from your mistakes and move on! Realizing what a miracle it is to just be alive and see this wonderful earth, should help you to be happy! Allow that happiness to inspire you to be effective in your work and create good things in your life!

Hope this has inspired you today!


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Catalina Vacation Ahoy!

Notice how clear the water is!

 You’ve Got to Go!

If you’ve never been to Catalina, then your missing out!
The water is beautifully clear and lovely. Orange Garibaldi fish swim below near the highly visible rocks and kelp. 


In August the water is warm too! I wouldn’t say Caribbean warm, but just right to cool you down from the hot sun and warm enough to keep you happy and swimming! Snorkeling is a lot of fun too.
Albie kayaking off Two Harbors!



One time, while kayaking, I found a new pair of goggles and snorkel washed up on a lonely beach – near a cave.
I pulled into shore and picked them up and put them in my kayak. Then I rowed the half mile around rocky coves and jutting rocks to the main beach near Two Harbors. I took the glasses and snorkel and waded out into the beautifully green and blue water. Then I took the plunge in.



Putting the goggles on, I snorkeled out about twenty feet from shore. Here it was twenty to thirty feet deep and clear all the way down.
As I was pushing my way out, using the breast stroke and looking at the rocks and shells on the sandy bottom, suddenly a massive pool of small fish came swimming by – utterly blocking my path.
It’s as if I had come to a freeway intersection and had to wait for a thousand cars to pass! The fish were a large shiny mass and I watched them pass in awe!
Catalina island is about twenty three miles off the Coast of San Pedro and Long Beach in Los Angeles County.


Sea caves litter the shorelines around Catalina too, making the kayaking very exciting! Add the crystal clear water that you can see below as you kayak by and it is truly a marvelous experience!
But you do have to watch out. I mean, the currents and eddies can be swift and in some places the open ocean waves can suddenly catch you by surprise.
Since kayaking is a weekly hobby for me, I find this usually very exciting. But if your a little new to kayaking, the ocean currents can be hard to paddle against when your returning and if your not careful, you can suddenly find your kayak wedged or caught on a high protruding rock. This has happened to me several times. If it happens to you, just don’t panic and try to use your paddle to push the kayak off the rock. It’s worked for me every time.



When kayaking around Two Harbors, it is generally protected from the main ocean swell. But go a little too far, say near or past Bird Rock, and the waves can suddenly go from one to two feet to three and four foot swells very quickly – and that’s on a good day.
Kayaking with a friend or group, is probably the safest way to go and also do be careful when kayaking through some of the sea caves, as the tide and current must be considered before entering.
And of course, always wear a life jacket and carry a flashlight just in case you get caught after dark. In many kayaks, there are compartments in which you can place your lunch, fishing gear and some even allow diving apparatus. I also prefer using a Sea Kayak as they will not take in water if flipped or washed continuously by ocean waves.
Catalina mts IMG-20110719-00008
Catalina Mountains



 The mountains off Catalina are rugged and beautiful but more dry and desert looking than lush.
I’ve hiked some of the hills and mountains of Catalina but since there are a lot of mountains, I’ve seen most of them by sea as I sailed by. While hiking, I’ve come across real buffalo just wandering by. Catalina island has numerous places to camp and many hiking trails should you wish to sea the island by foot.
“Cat Harbor” on the western side of the island.

Hotels, Sleeping & Eating

There are two main towns in Catalina: Avalon and Two Harbors.
Avalon is on the Eastern end of the island and is a real touristy place with many beautiful hotels, restaurants and shops! 
Avalon even has a cinema! You can get a fast going Catalina Express boat over to Avalon and Two Harbors and take it back the same day (if you like).
Two Harbors is a bit different.  It reminds me a bit of a cowboy town near the beach! Lol!
They just have a few shops and one restaurant. Usually people come to camp out at Two Harbors or to anchor their boats and sleep aboard. As there are no hotels, you do have to have a more creative overnight plan. There are camping cabins you can rent too though.
A few years back I sailed to Catalina with a crew on a tall ship!


Recently, I sailed over to Two Harbors and moored there for about fifty dollars.
I could have anchored there (as I have done a few times before) for free however, but it is a little more work and risk. On Saturday night, I relaxed on the V-birth of my boat with my front door (hatch) open and enjoyed the beautiful ocean breeze blow across the water and into my boat.
Sails out! IMG-20111203-00889
Sailing to Catalina is an adventure all of its own!
There are only a few lights from the shore so the evenings are relaxing and enjoyable – especially when the moon shines out over the water and mountains!

Thanks for your comments!


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Hotel 1 MiscIMG_0123

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AND I thought, why couldn’t I do the SAME! Even through I don’t own a chiropractic business, I come into contact with friends, family and clients EVERY day too! And so could YOU!

( I got SO excited about it, I started advertising! Lol!)

SO did I catch your attention yet!

What to do next? Okay…

1) Listen to this call and SEE if it something for you!


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(Just to give you a heads up – I’m NOT the expert here but my supervisor is within reach to answer anything I can’t!
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Looking Forward to Working with You!

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How I found GoodLifeUSA!

GoodLifeUSA pic 2

For a couple years I’ve been looking for a good Travel company that I could really get excited about! 

Along the way I found good companies but with three major problems:

1) Either they didn’t have a way to sign up as a business partner online, or they made it difficult to do so.

2) Most of the residual based companies (MLM) had a huge monthly fee plus a large one time payment that you had to pay to be a business partner.


3) The NON MLM Travel Companies made it impossible to earn ANY residual income. This took out the BIG contenders immediatly, such as  Expedia and Priceline etc…

In my venture to explore the big companies, I actually became an Expedia AND Bookings.com affiliate . It was just before I became an affiliate with AirBnB that  realized that I could not make residual income with these big companies. On the PLUS side – it’s FREE to become a business partner or affiliate. 

The one negative of MLM Companies was that there always seemed to be a price. But on the flip side, if there is NO monthly fee – there is NO RESIDUAL income. I gave in! Lol! 

So I pressed on…

Every time I came across a Travel company advertisement, I would give my name and email address to find out more about it. But always the same thing… huge monthly fees and giant one time payments… or… you had to do somersaults to join.


 I found a company called Pro Travel Plus that was easy to join online but unfortunately by the time I was ready to take the plunge, it had got so bogged down with complaints and problems, that the website didn’t even come up! You had to join it under a third party website and that was a little fishy…so I let it go.

Eventually I looked up every travel company I could find that had a residual income attached to its business plan. I read several articles but stopped searching after I found this article named: The TOP 10 MLM TRAVEL Companies by Greg Boudonck. This I researched carefully. 

Greg Boudonck Blog “Knline MLM Companies”

Greg did a good job explaining the companies. What I thought was most valuable was that he did not belong to any of them.. He was an unbiased source. 

After checking out each in detail, I was shocked to see that with most of the companies, I couldn’t even join until the company had assigned me a sponsor (that I had to request by a support ticket!) Wow! You would have thought this problem would have been solved a while back. It is 2017 after all!

I ALMOST overlooked GoodLifeUSA! I’m not sure how! Maybe it was because it didnt have any flags or concerns or that Greg didn’t put many concrete facts down about it. In Greg’s own words:

“…supposedly you can get huge savings…”

Well, a little digging on my part found that the savings were verified. 

Okay – so don’t get me wrong. I did like Greg’s article but I felt that his work into GoodLifeUSA was just a little short on verified  facts. Maybe because when he wrote the article in 2015 the company was brand new and there was very little written about it. I think this would be a good assumption.

You can read Greg’s account about GoodLifeUSA above…

But I was so surprised after I went to GoodLifeUSA’s website to see that it had a really professional appearance, was attractive, inspiring, and armed with a video! Not only that but it’s member plans were easy to understand and the website’s body simple!

Honestly, there were some other companies that had the same thing…

…but what they DIDN’T have was the ability to sign up quickly and easily and  assign the sponsor automatically. 

With that said…

…here are Greg Boudonck‘s sources so you can research the Top 10 MLM Companies also. Click on the pic and it will take you to Greg Boudonck‘s webpage:


Now we’ve talked about the outside appearance of GoodLifeUSA and the functionality, I want to discuss the internal details AFTER I signed up.

Well, I was immediately given the name and number of my sponsor. I promptly called them and was given a warm welcome.

Most of my basic questions were answered and I felt happy I had signed up. In fact it was the highlight of my day.

I’m excited about becoming a member and business partner with GoodLifeUSA! I love traveling with my wife and have found an excellent way to advertise & make money in the travel industry and  create residual income sharing our adventures!

The following day I received texts from my upline and I proceeded to text them back…

Two levels up, my upline offered to answer some new questions coming into my mind,. So I called her…

After fifteen minutes talking with her, I knew I had joined something amazing (and I’m not a novice to network marketing).

After having been in two network marketing companies (one for three years and the other for five) I could see a long way off that their compensation plan was top of the line.

I had a good look at the stats too. The only thing I was not super excited about was the fact that GoodLifeUSA is only a year old. However, the founders of the company have some major positive factors (including one  having been a founder in Herbalife).

Truth be told, I’m not the expert here and there are much better sources of hearing the basics about GoodLifeUSA. To hear a synopsis of the company, it’s founders goals, and opportunities – listen to this:


Since then the upline support has continued to be great and because of it and the strong foundations of the company, I have put all my effort and focus on building a residual income with GoodLifeUSA!

like I said earlier…

“I’m excited about becoming a member and business partner with GoodLifeUSA! I love traveling with my wife and have found an excellent way to advertise & make money in the travel industry AND create residual income sharing our adventures!”


PS: Thanks for your comments!

PSS: You can take a better look at GoodlifeUSA’s website  below. Just to be upfront though, I am a member and will make commissions if you sign up. On the other side of the coin, if you see, like I did, what a great company GoodLifeUSA is and join; you can contact me to help you get your new business started off properly!



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A Trip to Big Sur!


Julia Pfiffer State Park


Today my wife and I woke up hearing the sounds of the waves right next to the beach at Moonstone Beach in Cambria!

The night before we had parked right next to the beach and slept in our “Jucy rental van”. Even our kids had a bed at the top of the van. It popped up to make a bed!

We skipped flat rocks across the waves at the beach a while and then headed north toward Big Sur.

We stopped again to dish up some bacon and eggs for breakfast in our portable camper kitchen. Then we drove along the beautiful San Simeon mountains.

On our right were stubby trees and lazy cows dotted here and there along the soft grassy hills. To our left were amazing vistas of the blue ocean. 

                                    Gorgeous Coastline!

Stopping again we went to Ragged Point and then Julia Pfiffer State Park which had a cascading  waterfall that fell over a cliff to a sandy beach below! It was amazing. I even spotted a cave nearby the waterfall that’s led through to the ocean on the other side.

Beautiful ponderosa pines stood atop of a huge rock that jutted out into the ocean which helped form the rounded bay. The water was blue and green, against the whitish sand. All in all it was so beautiful, it looked like the definition of ‘paradise cove’.

Continuing down Big Sur we were amazed by all the vistas. We stopped again and my son showed me how to take a panoramic picture on my iPhone.

Amazing cliffs fell into the sea, large rocks stood  out of the water and the ocean spread out before you for endless blue miles. We went across two really cool bridges and a castle like wall that you drive through as you go around the mountain. I’ve never seen anything like it. Eventually Big Sur turned into Carmel by the Sea and then Monterey…”

Tips on visiting:

Using a Jucy Rental Van:

It was fun traveling using a Jucy Rentals minivan and we saved money not having to use hotels or restraunts. It was, however, sometimes hard to find a place to park and rest.

I’m sure there are campgrounds along the way and staying at these probably would have been a better idea. It is fun to make your own lunches and dinners wherever you want to stop. If you enjoy exploring and doing something different – you’ll get a kick out of using the Jucy Rentals van.

Staying at the hotels and eating at more of the restruants is also fun! They are quite lovely and we have eaten and stayed at many of them on different trips.

Julia Pfiffer State Park:

It really is an unbelievable sight. But there is a drawback. The actual beach is off-limits and you can only go so close. There are, however, plenty of beaches on the way up (perhaps not as perfect as the Julia Phiffer one) but still very nice!

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297 miles & 5 hour drive from Los Angeles using Google Maps

Thanks for for your comments!